Filipino Revolutionary Who Becomes A Governor After The War

A province of Quezon was named after him to commemorate his bravery and patriotism in fighting for the freedom of our country. He also becomes a Governor of this town who is now well-know in our country because of its "Pahiyas Festival". Do you know which Quezon town this is?

Unlike many of our Filipino heroes who are either died or continue their struggle after the Philippine-Spanish War, a few of them have had live a peaceful life and some ended up being a politician.

Did you know who amongst our Filipino Revolutionary Generals (who bravely fought for our freedom against the Spanish occupation in the country) who become the Governor in one of the province after the war had ended?

General Vicente Lukban was born on 1860 in the province of Camarines Norte become the Governor of the Province of Tayabas (now called Quezon) in 1912. But before this, he first

becomes one of the key people during the Spanish and American War who bravely fough for our freedom. He was again elected for his second term on 1916. But bad fate struck him because he was not able to finish his 2nd term because he died due to illness.

In the year 1894, Lukban become a member of the free-mason movement to which he was given the nickname “Luz del Oriente” (Light of the Orient). And together with his fellow mason, Juan Miguel, they had founded the “Masonic Lodge Bicol” in Camarines Sur. The organization went on smoothly without problem. Until on September of 1896, Lukban was arrested and imprisoned by the Spanish soldier for allegedly being a supporter to the revolutionary forces who were fighting against the

Spanish government.

Lukban was imprisoned for 8 months and was released only after he and some prisoners were given an amnesty by the Spanish Governor-General.  Soon after the release, Lukban had formally join Emilio Aguinaldo’s Katipunan faction. And on the entire length of the revolution, he was given important missions whom he had accomplish courageously.

After the war has ended between Spain, Lukban also actively supported the revolutionary campaign against American occupation. He was assigned by Aguinaldo to handle the provinces of Camarines and Catanduanes region. He was promoted to the rank of Coronel and was promoted to General when he headed the Philippine revolutionary troops in Samar and Leyte.

For several years, Lukban fought againt the enemy to which his group had given them a big headache on the provice where he operates. But in 1902, Lukban was captured and imprisoned again for the second time. But several months later, he was release when the war was declared by America to have been officially ended.

When Lukban passed-away, the government had decided to name one of Quezon province to his name “Lukban” because of his involvement in fighting for the Filipino freedom.

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