The Filipino Hero Who Boarded China Airlines Flight 811

The Philippines had been a victim of a 20 year dictatorship. And just like many other revolution, it only takes one single act of heroism to spark up the hearts of its citizen to take stand and fight against tyranny. That spark came from a passenger of China Airlines Flight 811.

Do you know who is the passenger who boarded China Airlines Flight 811 who become our modern day hero because of the infamous incident which happens on August 21, 1983. This incident is now written in the history of the Philippines.

Marcial Bonifacio was the name written in the flight manifest list on China Airlines Flight 811. But his real name is Benigno S. Aquino Jr, to which more known to his nickname “Ninoy”.

The alias name of “Marcial Bonifacio” is the name used by Ninoy on his passport which is reportedly made in Malaysia is in fact two words combine to

form a name. The first name “Marcial” was derived from the word “Martial Law” which was proclaimed by the former President Ferdinand Marcos in 1972, while the family name “Bonifacio” was taken from the word “Fort Bonifacio” to which Ninoy was imprisoned during the Marcos regime.

Ninoy left the Philippines in 1980 when he was given an approval by Marcos to pursue his medical hospitalization in the United States for his hearth illness. From then on, Ninoy was never given permission to return to the Philippines which makes him to force to self-exile.

But despite the threats that he will be killed or assassinated if he returns to the Philippines, Ninoy decided to come back home in 1983 because of the declining economic status and the growing rebellion by communists groups in our country.

From America, Marcial Bonifacio

boarded a plane bound to Taipei and had a connecting flight bound to the Philippines. Marcial boarded the China Airlines Flight 811 when the airplane made a touchdown on August 21,1983 in the former Manila International Airport. The plane landed at exactly 1:04 in the afternoon. He was fetched from his passenger seat by members of the Philippine Military and escorted in his descend to the tarmac.

But it was said that Ninoy did not even set his foot to the tarmac’s floor, he was shot at the back of his head. The single bullet instantly killed Ninoy right after the Marcos opposition leader steeped off the China Airlines that brought him home. The military escort pinpointed Rolando Galman whom they alleged to be a rebel who shot Ninoy Aquino. Galman was also gunned down just few moments later by Ninoy’s military escorts.

But after years of investigation, the Ninoy’s military escorts was found guilty of conspiracy that leads to the assassination of Ninoy.

The rest is history.

Author’s note: Another compiling story about my motherland and its citizens.

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