Brief History Of The Origin Of Orange Fruit

The orange is one of the world's most popular fruit.Probably all people in the world had known or even tasted this fruit. But historians are finding it difficult to trace the roots where came from.

In written history, there is no record that shows how exactly man had discovered or known the origin of one of our favorite fruit – oranges. What we knew is that most of the oranges today had been grown and farmed in many warmer parts of the world. But this is just a recent evolution of the oranges to which it was subjected to various experiments before it became a widespread cultivation.

All we know is that oranges had already been eaten by the Greeks and Romans. It was theorized that these oranges might have come from the western part of

Asia and then brought to Europe. During the Spanish colonization, some of them was taken from West Indies and bring it to Florida soon after settlements was established there in the year 1565.

Today, there are more than a hundred varieties of oranges grown all over the world. Of these, there are three most commonly grown oranges in many farms which are: the common sweet orange, the Mandarin orange and the sour orange variety.

The biggest producers of oranges in the world can be found in California and Arizona. These two states are growing the Washington navel and the Valencia varieties of oranges. While in Texas, the most common varieties of oranges here are the Valencia and the Hamlin. In some parts, other popular varieties

include the Hamlin, pineapple, parson brown, and Homosassa.

Sweet or the common variety of orange also had sub-varieties. One of the most popular and very interesting of this is the so called blood orange variety. This orange is characterized for having a pulp and a deep-red tint. This variety is a popularly cultivated in the countries located in the Mediterranean region. The Mandarin variety also have sub-variety to which one of the most popular of this is the tangerines and are popularly grown in Florida.

Hybrid varieties were also cultivated and farmed in many regions. One popular variety of orange is called the temple, which is a hybrid plant between the Mandarin and the common sweet orange. This hybrid becomes popular because of its loose, thin-skinned characteristic.

Some countries also grow the sour varieties of arrange but not as popular as the other two. For example, sour variety is being cultivated in Spain mainly for commercial use. But this variety is not eaten as a fruit because it contains too much acid. Their main usages are mainly for making marmalade. It is also popular in other interesting usage such as in the field of medicine and in the cosmetic industry as well as ingredient for making perfume.

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